The parish today

The ‘handful of Protestants‘ in the 1850ies has become a parish with about 1900 members today (2017).

Still in the situation of diaspora, the ‘Abendmahl-church’ with the rectory and the community hall (built in 1986) is the heart of the parish.

The Protestant congregation sees itself as an open, inviting community, willing to enable a living connection to God for everyone.

People are warmly invited to our worship service every Sunday morning 10:00 a.m. The service may also deal with a special theme and there are family worship services several times a year.

All children from 4 years on are invited to the children’s service. We want to make some authentic experiences of faith with our young members with music, games and exciting stories.

Many groups and choirs invite people to be an active part of the community life.

As it is said: eating and drinking keeps body and soul together. In this way we have a ‘Kirchcafe’ after church service on every first Sunday of the month and additionally on special occasions. There is a ‘Frauenfrühstück’ – breakfast for women – on every last Tuesday of the month at 9:00 a.m. And last but not least there is a café ‘Schöne Aussichten’ – ‘nice views’ – in the St. Josef’s nursing home.

We sing and make music in the church choir, in the gospel choir ‘Salvation’, in the ‘Kraftquelle’ with worship songs and in the trombone band. All choirs are engaged in the worship service and invite to their concerts into the Abendmahl church.

The cell groups ask how to live the connection with God and Jesus in everyday life.

Everyone, young or old, Protestant or another or no confession at all, is invited to our services, events, groups or choirs. Everyone is precious and valuable in the eyes of God.

You will find the dates of the events and rehearsals of all groups and choirs in the homepage of the parish or in the newsletter of the town of Haigerloch.