The painter Friedrich Schüz

Friedrich Schüz (*1874 in Düsseldorf, until 1954 in Tübingen) studied at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf from 1899 until 1908. He dealed with the Picture of the Last Supper for many years of his life. The work of the universal genius Leonardo da Vinci, finished in 1498, can be admired in the refectory of the Milan monastery Santa Maria delle Grazie.

We can consider that this work was an obsession for Friedrich Schüz.  Already in his early years he offered a restauration of the original work to the Prior of the monastery. The young German without any reputation was sent away without further ado.

In 1909 til 1917 he realized a copy in the Protestant community centre of Düren with 50% of the original size. However, the Work was totally destroyed on 11-16-1944.

The artist Friedrich Schüz came to Haigerloch because of his younger brother Martin. Martin came to the young Protestant community of Haigerloch in 1912, more or less by coincidence. He was in charge of the community for nearly thirty three years during a turbulent period. So Friedrich Schüz came to Haigerloch in the years of the World War II and moved into the Protestant rectory. He stayed there even after his brother Martin’s death in August 1945.