The ‘Last supper church’ in Haigerloch

In 1857 a Protestant pastorate was erected in Hechingen (15 km to Haigerloch). From there Haigerloch with its Protestant affairs was administered.

The church suddenly grew, when 39 Catholics decided to go to the Protestant church. Now the construction of an own church became an urgent need. here there were two community members, which have significantly prompted this project:

–   the Royal Saline Inspector Ludwig Raiffeisen from Stetten near Haigerloch. He was the cooperative and bank founder Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen’s brother.

–   the district court secretary Corty

They used all their powers to make the construction of a church possible.

Large donation calls were caused. And in fact donations – mainly from the Gustav-Adolf-Verein – came from all over Germany.

For example, a „Grand Dresden Liebesgabe“ of 3,500 thalers. Also from the King of Prussia came a „gift of grace“ of 2,860 thalers. Thus the construction of the church in the then „Hinteren Gasse“ (today Pfleghofstraße) could be started.

On September 8th, 1863, a great inauguration celebration was celebrated with many guests.

The portrait of the Last Supper as a true-faith copy of the Milanese original was only 90 years later and was inaugurated in 1954.

From „Diaspora. History of the evangelical church community Haigerloch „. Ellen Herl 2003