The history of the parish

Haigerloch was part of the Swabian line of Hohenzollern until the first half of the 19th century. The Hohenzollern dynasty was Roman Catholic and – according to the law at that time: the religion of the ruler was to be the established religion of his region – all their subjects were Roman Catholics. The Lutheran Reformation couldn’t succeed in this region for a number of reasons.

In the course of the changes by the March-Revolution in 1848 the principalities of Sigmaringen and Hechingen became part of the kingdom of Prussia.

Concerning the ecclesiastical affairs the Hohenzollern region was ruled by the Prussian Rheinprovinz. The local administration was led by Prussian civil servants, who was sent into the south. Because of this Prussian immigration the number of Protestants increased steadily.

First (1852) there was one pastorate for the whole Hohenzollern region in Sigmaringen (distance to Haigerloch about 60 km, one worship service within three weeks). Five years later there was a pastorate in Hechingen (15 km to Haigerloch) and already on 8 September 1863 a Protestant church was inaugurated in Haigerloch. Another year later Haigerloch had its own pastorate and in 1867 a rectory.