1. Construction section

Since fall 2013 the stability of the tower was no longer guaranteed. When the bells were rung, the tower began to fluctuate in its static elements. This was first visible in the interior of the church by heavy tears and crumbling plaster in the surrounding walls (gallery).

A plan of action has been drawn up in collaboration with the Land Surveyors:

Static reconstruction of the church tower and its structural restoration. Because of the static measures on the tower, the main roof must be opened. In addition, the external facade on the outer side of the tower as well as the side walls are to be subjected to an overhaul.

In April 2017, the reconstruction work on the first construction phase began. The tower and the facade on the tower side were equipped. When the carpenters opened the tower from the outside, it soon became apparent that the damage was far greater than assumed in the building survey. The professional repair was much easier in the workshop of the carpentry company. It was therefore decided to lift the tower with an autocrane and to dismantle it completely (15 May 2017).

After dismantling the tower, the supporting cornices of the tower rider could also be seen. Again an unexpected decay of the sandstone was found, which required further restoration work.

After repairing the respective sub-structures, the tower could be re-erected on 2 August 2017 by autocran.

The completion of the measure was in October 2017. The total costs, an estimated € 265,000 before the start of the work, were € 290,000.